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Why Does Needle Felted Fuzzies Teach Workshops?

Question: Recently, Kayleigh, the artist behind Needle Felted Fuzzies, was asked why she teaches workshops and classes. Here is what she said:

Answer: I understand where this question comes from. People wonder why I would "give away" all of my secrets. If I teach other people to needle felt, then they might not buy the items that I make and sell at shows and through Etsy. 

However, I do not see that this is the case. In fact, I have people come to many of my classes because they enjoy the experience. They do not want to take up needle felting as a hobby or a business, but enjoy taking a class now and then, especially if it is making something that they really want to try. 


People who attend my workshops gain a better understanding of the process, and therefore can appreciate the time and talent that goes into making some of the more intricate and detailed pieces. 

After class, students become fans of my work online and have even asked for kits, commissions, and they have invited me to participate in craft shows. 

There is nothing like spending two hours sharing my craft with others. I really enjoy teaching the magical and stress relieving process of needle felting. 

Needle felted sheep class.jpg
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