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7 Things To Do With Needle Felted Items

When I first started attending craft shows and vendor fairs, I was quite surprised at the... honesty... of some of the people who stopped by my table. I can remember at least two people make comments to me or to their shopping buddy, "But what do you do with it?"


At first, I was hurt. This was my art that they were talking about. Then I realized that maybe they were right. Since needle felted pieces are not glued together, only stabbed together with a needle, they are not intended for use by children, which means they are not intended to be toys. If they were not toys, then what were they supposed to do with the items once they got home?


That was when I started to branch out and make needle felted items that had a purpose. From wall decor to baby mobiles and jewelry, this early lesson has led to some really interesting items. 

1. Wall Decor

Incorporating needle felted pieces with thread, fabric, frames, and shadow boxes, wall decor can come in all shapes and sizes. Needle Felted Fuzzies creates a variety of items for each season and holiday.

2. Keepsakes 

The penguins in the photo can be used as a cake topper or given to a couple or a significant other as a keepsake. If you are looking for a specific animal, just ask! These keepsakes can be custom ordered. 

3. Jewelry

Needle felted earrings are lightweight and fun. Since wool can be made into pretty much any shape, the ideas are endless. 

4. Book Weight

What is a book weight? It looks like a thicker bookmark that is weighted at both ends. Use the book weight to hold open a book on a page you are reading or using for reference. Add initials to one side to make it personalized. 

5. Gifts of Encouragement 

Tiny foxtato believes in you! Have you ever seen the meme? It says, "I'm a tiny foxtato and I believe in you. You can do the thing." Needle Felted Fuzzies started by making and selling foxtatos based on the meme. Tiny foxtatos are palm sized, so you can bring your foxtato with you everywhere. Give a foxtato as a gift to someone who needs a little encouragement. Read more about foxtatos HERE

6. Ornaments

Christmas ornaments are one of the most popular items available by Needle Felted Fuzzies. From sloths in stockings to more traditional red, green, and white ball ornaments, there is something for everyone. 

7. Holiday Decorations

Halloween, Easter, Christmas, Fourth of July, and many other holidays get their own needle felted items. 

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