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Types of Wool

core wool.JPG

Core Wool

Core wool is the least processed of the three wools on this page. It is not bleached and barely combed through. You will typically still see hay and other matter within the wool. 

Core wool is used for building the basic shape of what you are making before adding the batting in different colors. 

wool batting.JPG


Batting is wool that has been cleaned, dyed, and combed. It is a little more expensive than core wool, but not as expensive or as refined as wool roving. 

Batting is fuzzy and extremely versatile. Batting is the main type of wool used in all Needle Felted Fuzzies items. 

wool roving.JPG


Roving is a higher quality wool and it is also more expensive than the other types of wool on this page. Roving is usually very fine and contains longer strands than batting or core wool. 

Roving can be used as "top coat" to finish a piece and is very good to use for hair. 

Each supplier of wool offers their own blend of sheep's wool, though alpaca can also be used. Think of the blends like wine. A mix of Chardonnay and pinto will be different from a blend of pinto of Malbec. Needle Felted Fuzzies prefers to work with blends of Maori, Coopworth , and Corriedale. 

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