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What Happens At A Workshop?

Before Class

So you want to attend a needle felting class? Great! Maybe you have heard that needle felting is a fun craft that can be very satisfying and can help to relieve stress (all the stabbing). Here is what you will need to do:

Pick a class by visiting the page or Projects are chosen by Kayleigh, and can be finished within two hours unless otherwise specified. Since the needles are very sharp, workshops are limited to people twelve (12) years old and older.


Each class may be run a different way, so make sure to sign up by following the directions listed.


Registration for most classes or workshops is handled through the venue that is hosting the class. The rest are handled direction by Needle Felted Fuzzies. 

Make sure to arrive on time to the workshop. You will not need to bring anything with you since we provide all of the materials and supplies!

Otter Needle Felting Workshop

Sample event announcement

During Class


Students at work

If you have ever been ​to a paint and sip class, you will feel right at home.


Needle felting workshops start on time and run for about two hours. Projects are great for beginners unless otherwise specified. 

Workshops always begin with a basic rundown of the supplies that are used (needle felting needles, pads, and wool). The instructor (Kayleigh), will then pass out the wool and demonstrate the first step. Then she will pass out the needles and go over the first step again. 

We ask that you watch first, then follow along during the second demonstration. This is because needle felting is very visual and it is much easier to understand if you are watching rather than just listening. 

Over the rest of the workshop, you will be walked through the rest of the project. Feel free to sip, eat, and definitely ask questions. 

After Class

class pumpkins.jpg

At the end of class, you will be able to take photos and pack up your new creation! 

Please share and tag your photos with our Needle Felted Fuzzies Instagram and Facebook pages. 

If you would like, you can use a needle and thread to add a string to your item for use as an ornament or wall decor. Holiday crafts make great additions to your desk at work! 

You can check out the Needle Felted Fuzzies Etsy shop for kits and completed works!

Student Work


Workshops and classes by Needle Felted Fuzzies can be found in the following Connecticut towns:







and more to be announced in 2020. 

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