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Learn How To Make A Needle Felted Gnome Witch

Needle Felted Gnome Witch

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If you bought a kit, thank you! 

If you have your own supplies and would like to follow along, I suggest you watch all the way through and then watch and follow along. 

How to make a needle felted gnome witch for Halloween or any time of year (you know how much I love Halloween!)

Step 1: Gather materials. They include core wool, black wool batting, green wool, a felting pad, and a felting needle. 

Step 2: Use the fluffy off-white core wool to make a cone. This will be the body of the witch. Start by taking a long thin stripe of the core wool and to make a basic roll as shone in the video. Add more pieces of core wool to bulk up the cone. Keep adding pieces until you have a cone about four inches high and about two inches wide at the base. Make sure to reserve a small piece of the core wool for the nose (step 5).

Step 3: Cover the entire cone with the black wool batting. Make sure to reserve some of the black wool to use for the hat in the next step.


Use long thin stripes to wrap the cone. I start from the bottom and move up, but you can wrap in either direction. Let the black wool at the bottom hang past the bottom of the cone. Use that excess to fold over the bottom and stab into place. If you have any places where the white core wool shows through, use small bits of black batting to stab into those areas. 

Step 4: Make the hat. This step has three parts. 

Step 4.A: Make the base of the hat. Take a piece of black batting about four inches and pull it into two pieces. Lay out these small strips, about two inches long each, onto your felting pad in the shape of an X. With your needle, stab a circle to make the basic round shape of the hat base. Fold in the excess wool and stab it into place. 

Step 4.B: Make the witch's hat but using a long thin piece of black batting and making a basic roll. Halfway up, fold in one side to make that side thicker. That will be the base of the cone. Add smaller thin pieces to bulk up the hat as needed. Once you are happy with the cone shape, stab it into the center of the hat base. 

Step 4.C: Add a thin piece of green wool batting to the base of the hat cone where it meets the hat base. This will help conceal the seam and give it some color. 

Step 5: Make the witch's nose. Using the small piece of core wool reserved in step 1, make a really small cone using the basic roll technique just like you did for the hat cone. Once it is formed, stab it onto the body of the witch about a third of an inch from the very top of the cone. 

Step 6: Stab the hat onto the witch's body at an angle so the brim is up higher above the nose. 

Step 7: Add the hair. Working with small fluffy pieces of the green wool, stab one side into the witch where the hat meets the body. 

All done! Stand back and admire your work. Take a photo and if you share it on social media, make sure to tag Needle Felted Fuzzies! 

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